Welcome New Neighbor, Org
We Help Your Business Get Noticed By New Homeowners

Welcome!  I am delighted you’re visiting us.  We are Welcome New Neighbor, Org – your Premiere New Homeowner Welcoming Organization.

Buying a home is a big deal.  Welcome New Neighbor believes you should be celebrated and congratulated on your purchase.  Regardless if this is your first new home or tenth, we are here to welcome you.

We believe in old fashion service with a modern twist.  We come to your home and personally welcome, congratulate and greet you – that’s our old fashioned service.  Our greeters’ love meeting new people and sharing about our community.  What’s our modern twist?  We come with a smile bearing house-warm gifts from area businesses!

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Your Business

Our professional greeters learn about your business from you, and then recommend your company as they visit new residents every week.

The Share

We share your business with the new homeowner, and present them with your house-warming gift, welcoming coupon or special offer.


At the end of our welcome visit with the new homeowner, we ask them how likely they are to use your offer and visit your business.


The demographic we gather is far beyond any other service. Because our greeters have the loving gift of gab, love meeting people and welcoming them to our community, they are able to learn a great deal.


Our service to you exclusive - only one business in each category is represented. Find out today if space is available!

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