Welcome New Neighbor, Org


"We love what we do and we love helping others succeed at what they love to do."

Welcome New Neighbor, Org is a 501(c)3 dedicated to welcoming new homeowners after their purchase.

We personally market to new homeowners – our marketing style is much different than you’d think. We market with your house-warming gift and personally place your gift in the homeowner’s hands. We take it a step further and personally talk with the new homeowner about your business. Simply said – we provide a grand welcome to each new homeowner on your behalf.

Our greeters are professional, out going, and love meeting new people. Each of our greeters has lived in the Spokane community for years and is a wealth of information to share. Regardless if the homeowners is a life-long resident of Spokane, there’s always something new to learn about our community.

Who We Are

We are a team dedicated to bringing new homeowners into your business, and sharing our beautiful community.

How We Work

We are focused on you and sharing your business with new homeowners.

Contact Us

Whether you'd like to schedule a visit, become a Representative, or want to learn more about Sponsor opportunities, we want to talk to YOU. Kindly call us on 509-220-3073 or email us at Suzette@WelcomeNewNeighbor.net