Welcome New Neighbor, Org

How it Works

Our professional greeters learn about your business from you, and then recommend your company as they visit new residents every week. Each new homeowner is provided with our exclusive Welcome New Neighbor booklet. This booklet contains your sponsor ad information, and community information about their new hometown.


We share your business with the new homeowner, and present them with your house-warming gift, welcoming coupon or special offer. That coupon or special offer is your house-warming gift to the new homeowner to attract them to your business.

At the end of our welcome visit with the new homeowner, we ask them how likely they are to use your offer and visit your business. Each new resident provides the greeter with a “yes,” “no,” “maybe” response. Their response is recorded and shared with you.

The demographic we gather is far beyond any other service. Because our greeters have the loving gift of gab, love meeting people and welcoming them to our community, they are able to learn a great deal. Our service has been compared to the Census Bureau. To learn what we gather, download our Marketing Brochure or call Suzette at (509) 220-3073.

Our service to you exclusive – only one business in each category is represented. Find out today if space is available!

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